Utö. The place of transition.

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Utö is the southernmost inhabited point in Finland – a small island of just under 1km2, reachable by (free of cost) ferry from Turku’s archipelago. In the past, some pretty large ships capsized in Utö’s vicinity and the locals have always bravely helped. And also it is where Finlands oldest lighthouse is located. And some meteorological and military establishments. And a tiny school and the cutest K-market in Finland.


The nature is breath-taking, the life pace is peaceful and very calming. It is a true place of transition – archipelago ecosystems, proximity to continental Europe, the obvious importance of the sea and sea traffic to the island, changeable weather. A perfect place to make decisions or celebrate rites of passage.









I felt truly in peace and energized after visiting, and I’m still kind of absorbing the whole trip, days after. Hardly I will ever forget the colours and tranquility…

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