I possess some special powers: I’m the only known human still alive who has eaten two Mignon eggs in a row and I draw cocks in snow whenever I get a chance. I’m curious and the cat might have already been killed or badly hurt a few times.

I’m visual, analytical and honest, which manifests in my mistrust towards social media, influencing and other volatile ways of diverting our attention.

So what is this about? While I work on my PhD every day (or something…) I will post a picture or a few from Helsinki, Finland. Some more artsy, some rather personal. You will find pictures of some famous Helsinki sights, some less famous places – oh and a great deal of mundane grainy snapshots, because I have a sore spot for analog photography. Some may be largely affected by my state of mind, some may be freed from their physical or time context. Yet all pictures are directly connected to my heart and to this wonderful place.

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