I promised.

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So here I am with my picture of the day. It is nothing special, I’d say it is rather mediocre, but the joy of breathing the smell of Finnish summer (whilst having some kind of a flu again) was priceless.




Also (wait for it, it is crucial):

I finished my shampoo today. I know how little you care and how random this is but it made me think: It has been a while when I felt genuinely sad when finishing a product. Most of the times I’m more like – yay, finished, now I can get a new one. And unfortunately, this time was no exception, and the whole experience was intensified by the fact that I still haven’t found a shampoo I’d be happy with (1st world girly issue)…

… isn’t it a pity, I mean, it almost felt as if the whole purpose of acquiring a product is getting rid of it. Are there exceptions? Is this the essence of our consumerist lifestyle or is it some kind of refreshing rite known to other cultures as well?

Who knows (some fellow anthropologist somewhere, probably). Meanwhile, I shall be more mindful about what and how I’m buying and throwing out.



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