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New domain. New identity. New projects. New beginning.

I’m so tired of lifestyle blogs – with an exception of the handful I actually read, so dear followed and visited, take no offence – so that I decided to re-start one of my own. And what will you find here?

  • a photo per day. It was challenging but I loved doing it (that’s what she said)
  • general thoughts on… living I suppose? Cynical, sarcastic and, more importantly, short and relevant. My goal is to live increasingly more responsible while preserving my life standard. This involves thinking about the environment and fellow citizens, recycling, thinking twice what we consume and becoming somehow less dependent on The Brand and The Industry.
  • more pictures and photos
  • a kinda-real portfolio of my work. About time.
  • short stories – in Czech and English… argh it is so hard to satisfy multilingual audiences!
  • and, last but not least, some hope how to get back to the humanity.

This is not and never will be an educational or boasting blog – it should be a positive one, inspiring maybe, but not in the “she knows better” and “she has such a great life boowoo why does she go on about it” ways. I’m not here to make you – or myself for that matter- feel bad.

Hope it works.

Be blessed!

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