Kirkkonummi and Villa Mehu

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Yesterday prior to picking up boys’ wreck boat and taking it to the repair place (conveniently located next to a waste dump) we visited quite an exciting spot, Villa Mehu. If you like deserted spaces and/or Finnish nature and/or colourful pictures and you liked the statue park post from a few weeks ago, click on the above link!

On the way to Villa Mehu we passed another obviously deserted construction. It was huge; I wonder what it served as? Factory? Farm estate? Storage? All off above?


Villa Mehu (Villa Juice) was awesome as expected, and were surprised we were the only visitor that sunny autumn afternoon. The light of the late o’clock was wonderful, warm and golden and just added to the atmosphere of last berries of the year and the smell of wet foliage.


Before it turned completely dark yesterday – a sight which I’ve become unused to thanks to long Finnish summer days and white nights – the long day and long moving of the “boat” was closed off with the sight of this. No. Our boat is not in the picture.


Autumn happened.

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I’ve been doing some PhD related work recently and further exploring Swedish Finland – this time in Ekenäs. Or was it Raseborg? Either way, it was again really enriching, really different to the rest of Finland.

I was there on a Friday just before the first Pride Parade in Ekenäs. Rainbows, colourful socks and cups, hairdresser putting up rainbow flags – everybody was positive about it, chipping in with their share of atmosphere. Because Pride is a celebration of minorities, and acceptance of minorities and minority cultures in the majority society rather than merely “tolerating them”, it is a big thing in Swedish Finland. Sexual/cultural and national minorities encounter and share their experience.


Oh and autumn happened. While walking around Vallisaari yesterday I noticed the crunching leaves, autumny sappy mushroomy smell and the low sun. The time of new beginnings is here once again. And once again I was so emotional about being so old experienced. I remember the smell of autumn London 11 years ago when I just had enrolled at the university and took a (teary) walk in Regent’s Park, wondering how I’m going to manage? On my own, without any social networks? Homesick, mildly depressed and with this stupid paralysing panic fear thing?

11 years later, and I’m still here. Doing pretty well and better every day, although looking back in anxiety how on earth could I not see certain things, contemplating my life choices, regretting not having done things – but at the same time somehow balanced and content. Is this what adulthood feels like?

Passing by.

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You know… you know when you keep passing THAT PLACE every week and every time you tell yourself that one day you would like to explore the place? Yesterday was the day.

Sadly, the beautiful Sinebrychoff Mansion in Espoo (I know right) was not taking advantage of its prime location ON the busiest road in Finland, I could literally feel the cars driving over you.The building was beautiful (especially the abandoned part nearby), so was the little rose garden (with a little gazebo should anybody feel like getting married on Länsiväylä), and I’m sure the exposition in the art museum was as well – all to no avail as the location-location-location is so bad. Poor villa. It did not deserve the road to be built so close to it.