Examples of my work

The best thing about graphic design is that good design really is just applied anthropology. It is a lot of observing and learning, some testing and some creative process. But really it all comes down to looking at things.

People ask me for my portfolio now and again, and frankly, I don’t have one yet. I’m probably just too ashamed – after all, I’m just one of thousands of self-taught dreamers. But I do have the passion and visual creativity, so I thought this could be like a starting point before I actually sort out a real portfolio. With little stories and fancy pictures and watermarks. You know what I mean.

So find here some examples of stuff I have been commissioned – starting from…

… illustrations…

… over to layouts and printed media…

… and then there are some logos.

I hope that from these examples you can see what kind of a person I am. Just drop me a message if you want to know more!

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