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I’m sitting at this seminar which is marginally relevant to my research. Marginally. I’m hoping for more relevant input soon, and I swear – one more presentation… “presentation” based on reading a manuscript and I leave!

Otherwise – it is not secret that the spring has been somewhat delayed. But! Behold, the lilies of the valley(s) will soon cover the forest roots and I will store my winter clothes deep in the closet. Yesss!

Look, flowers!

Also, I have been busy creating a set of infant cards, high-contrast images for babies. These will be made out of cardboard and can be used on their own, hung above the crib, connected in a chain… etc. This is a tiny sample:

And and and, my journey across the Helsinki archipelago continues! This Sunday, in conjunction with celebrating the Mother’s day, I got to visit the Särkkä island – another fortressed tiny island. The fortress nowadays functions as a restaurant and an event venue, and I have to say it is absolutely marvellous for, say, a wedding or a business event. Yet for individual visitors I believe the food was way overpriced for what you get (you get beautifully served and decent food, but nothing spectacular) – and what hurt my heart was that the desserts were so much inspired by the 1980s. *sob*


Let’s hope that the seminar will increase in its relevancy soon, otherwise I might as well keep updating the blog…


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