“Wasted” day.

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That’s always my very first reaction to a proper migraine attack. Paralysed by the attack, the body is on strike. The mind is in trance. The stomach as well. After some time the nature of the attack changes, and actually, this is my favourite phase: the head hurts as if it was stuck in a wise, but the mind goes wild. The thoughts are finally set free and indeed they go wild, the creative mind is set on high, the alertness is aloft, and with those soviet painkillers the pain finally begins to subside. Stomach is craving junk food, the head is spinning and everything feels surreal and attention to detail is on max. That’s the moment to leave home and change the surroundings and utilise the creativity.


There are, obviously, some risks associated with the alike situations. Driving is out of question, moving around traffic requires much more effort than usual. Shopping is a lot of fun, spontaneous purchases happen almost every time: this time Ville bore it off when I had to stop at Uff (thrift store) and buy that 90s virgin wool jacket with reindeers (disclaimer: he looks much better in it than I do). And I’ve already mentioned the alert senses.


Today shall be a better day.


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