It is way too warm outside

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for December, yet sunshine is scarce. Here are some of those precious moments:




I mean what does one do photography-wise when the weather is like THIS?

Ha, I know! Takes pictures of one’s Christmas preparations. Just to show off. And feel included in the blogging world. And boast with my family bliss, which I’m in fact enjoying to the full at this very moment (yes, it is 1am on a Saturday and I just finished baking Linz biscuits and I smell like hundred bucks (worth of butter and lemon grind).

I went for Finnish winter/Christmas colours: all shades of grey thinkable with silver and gold glimpse glitter…


2 responses to “It is way too warm outside”

  1. Sartenada Avatar

    Very Basic Himmelis. If You want to learn make Himmeli, then look how my wife makes them:

    Himmeli how to make it.

    Happy weekend!

  2. maii Avatar

    Thanks, but I don’t think I have the need to improve my himmeli making skills as of now. Not until advent at least…

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