Fireworks in the wind.

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My new favourite thing.

I’m not a big fan of fireworks. A waste of money for a 4min fire risk… hmmm. I do enjoyed the (stupidity) stories associated with them though!

I thought that those fireworks in Cyprus (professional pyrotechnics in the hands of the least professional operators and kids, all fired about 15m from the audience: priceless and intense) were the hallmark of stupidity combined with basic human curiosity and fascination, but I was wrong. Finns got to beat the Cypriots by firing fireworks on a crowded square in the middle of the capital, surrounded by buildings and people AND in pretty strong wind.

It was indescribable. The fireworks had some intended direction, but it went south (pun intended) in the wind. The resulting ornaments were amazing, so random, so spontaneous, so much showing us, urban humans, how we easily become attached to silly pointless things, and how nature can make its point anytime.

There are no pictures, sorry, I was actually WATCHING the fireworks. And giggling aloud.


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