Questions and No answers.

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Could the EU directive on abolishing the conventional light bulbs have somehow influenced the levels of seasonal depression?

Do hipsters actually represent the essence of the Western middle-class lifestyle and choices?

How come I AGAIN missed the moment when the trees dropped ALL the leaves? Did it happen overnight?

Why are 99% of those mama-life-style blogs pretty much the same, ie. feeding various consumer industries, indulging in oil and glitter and polyester, serving as low-cost marketing channels for someone else? It’s pretty hard to find someone followable these days.

How do I cut 6mm brass pipes?

Why did Mikko go completely nuts at the practice yesterday? I can hardly breathe.

Where did all my black socks go?

Where did my Swedish go? I speak like a concussed Moomin.

Speaking of Moomins, why did I not read all those brilliant comic series earlier?

Where will I put all these books we bought last weekend?

How come I’m still madly in love with Helsinki?

taloogo kirkkologo

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