Sellainen ol’ Viipuri… – an unusual trip to Karelia.


I have the best colleagues ever. They also happen to be the best travel company ever.

I tagged along with them to this ’round the Ladoga lake trip and it was truly fascinating. It gets more and more mesmerising with every day passed after the end of the trip. It won’t be long until I’m back in Karelia again, that is for sure.

My thoughts are with the Karelian evacuees, their families and with the people who have no choice other than seek happiness in sad remnants of what once used to be a rich (economically as well as culturally) region.

DSC_7369 DSC_7385 DSC_7394

DSC_7388 DSC_7443 DSC_7465 DSC_7431 DSC_7435 DSC_7491 DSC_7469 DSC_7488 DSC_7520 DSC_7518 DSC_7622 DSC_7529 DSC_7540 DSC_7502 DSC_7715 DSC_7755 DSC_7883 DSC_7888 DSC_7863 DSC_7856 DSC_7851 DSC_7800 DSC_7796 DSC_7897

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